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Brand Introduction

Brand -- Leyiduo, Home Furnishing storage, healthy living a good helper
Brand name: Leyiduo
Brand owner: Guangdong Leyiduo Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.

In 2004 Leyiduo products into thousands of households around the world, changed people's life, to Leyiduo fresh-keeping box, will invest a lot of money for the development of new products each year, the development speed is always in the leading position in the same industry; since the 2004 launch of the new concept of Leyiduo fresh keeping box up to now, there are 7 series of products coming to market: Leyiduo fresh-keeping box series of Leyiduo high-grade fresh-keeping box series Leyiduo vacuum fresh-keeping box series of playful star cartoon fresh-keeping box series Leyiduo glass container series Leyiduo stainless steel cup series Leyiduo cabinets series; music billion more cup pot series Leyiduo crisper quality is stable, has been recognized by the vast number of consumers and dealers of praise, has been in China for tens of thousands of sales outlets, and has export to overseas more than 40 countries and regions, by the vast majority of consumers brand CI:


Leyiduo logo conveys the company's operating philosophy: people enjoy, happy more! "Leyiduo" is the English "Life is anEnjoyment forYouIn theDays that ourUnpolluting productsbecome a part of yourOwn life" keywords initials, meaning: choose the products of environmental protection, to enjoy a better life. "Leyiduo" and "Leyiduo" of the Chinese phonetic alphabet, is the letter, the internationalization of the Chinese text, the expression "Leyiduo" to the world from China's rich connotation and profound significance.
"Leyiduo" is "leyiduo" in chinese. "Music" is the joy and happy, is a healthy and positive attitude towards life and mood; "billion" express service the world hundreds of millions of people's feelings, is a pursuit of goals and beliefs; "more" is the number of people, there is a surplus, abundance and abundance of life and career, is the good wishes and blessings. "Leyiduo" expression of the world, the pursuit of high-quality life, committed to the health and environmental protection household business spirit and philosophy. On behalf of the international letter "leyiduo" on behalf of the Chinese characters "Leyiduo" expressed common strategic positioning Leyiduo brand to develop domestic and international markets; dark green by green mixed represents calm black and on behalf of the health and safety, health and the expression of environmental protection of the enterprise purpose;
"Leyiduo" and "Leyiduo" between the pen from left to right involute gradually thick "lines", point to the rising sun, full of vigor and vitality of the East, on behalf of the company to grow and develop process and sustainable development direction and as the sun rising in the future; green is the color of life, the moral of the company is in development green blooming period, full of hope, full of vitality, a bright future; green is the color of grassland, meaning the vast steppe horse company is put hoofed gallop, is a good platform for people with lofty ideals to play to their wisdom.
The brand logo showing a solemn decorous style, font and a slight change in the fine arts, is the perfect embodiment of the spirit of the company "strict, standard, flexible and innovative".

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